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James Domine: Links

Through Your Window
The Naked Man

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San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra

Information regarding James Domine and the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra is available on this site.

Tomahawk Videos

James Domine's musical play Tomahawk can be seen in original live performances on youtube.

"Tomahawk has presence, sass, and depth. It stands alone as the most memorable play I've seen in recent years. The play made me feel included, as if the author were present during the hundreds of sideways conversations I've had in bars and alleys through the years. Domine is exceptional at character recognition and development. The music is spirited, the script is evocative, delving into a range of political, social and spiritual issues. This play did a great job of bestowing street cred upon us, challenging our notions of who we are today."

Kathi Flood, Feb. 2008

Molay Band
Sixties Rock / Orchestral Collaboration

In 2004, The 60's rock group Vanilla Fudge sought a musical collaboration with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra. The resulting performance is available as both a CD and DVD from numerous sources. To order from, go to, click on the amazon icon, and search for "When Two Worlds Collide Vanilla Fudge".

Below are excerpts of the reviews of the both the CD and DVD:

CD:  "...In 2004 Vanilla Fudge embarked on another ambitious and prestigious project; the live recording of their biggest hits, backed by a full-blown Symphony Orchestra. The San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra was approached because of its reputation for harboring the region’s most outstanding instrumentalists and for performing programs that feature not only the traditional symphonic repertoire, but also adventurous contemporary works. The Orchestra is piloted by Maestro James Domine, a conductor with a powerful drive who is known to both challenge and satisfy the intellect of his demanding audiences. The result; “When Two Worlds Collide”, is another milestone in Vanilla Fudge’s already prestigious list of achievements throughout the lengthy musical career of the band. ..."
(Taken from

DVD:  "...The performance takes place in what appears to be some type of large rehearsal studio, or perhaps an empty club, with full concert lighting and sound, and a professional camera crew. The band [Vanilla Fudge] is also backed by the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra, which is what spurred the name of the DVD, When Two Worlds Collide.

This is not your standard concert DVD however, as there is no hint of an audience present, other than what appeared to be a few guests standing behind the orchestra. If there were more people, then they certainly were not shown or heard from. The orchestra is also positioned right in front of the stage, with conductor James Domine standing right in front of the band. An unceremonious fade-to-black occurs between each song performance, and this, along with the lack of any audience, gives the DVD a very strange kind of vibe. It almost feels like you are watching one of those old European music television shows from the 70s, where the band performed live in the TV studio. Maybe that is the vibe they were going for. ..."

(Taken from

To Protect & Serve, Or, They Always Get What They Deseve

To Protect & Serve, Or, They Always Get What They Deserve, a play written by James Domine, is a beautiful, romantic and true (mostly) story of crooked cops, corrupt public officials, criminal gangs, social chaos, prostitution, drug abuse, illicit deals, bribery, chicanery, and drunken buffoonery all woven together into a delicate tapestry of love, tenderness and the ultimate sacrifice of self-immolation in an accidentally inadvertent suicide. Based on two real-life stories that are entwined through a process of poetic license and dramatic intent, the play inhabits an uneasy world somewhere between satire and tragedy. The events depicted in the narrative would be comical if they weren’t true. Performance dates are Friday and Saturday nights: Oct. 14-15, 21-22, 28-29 at the Dorie Theater in the Complex Theatres Center, 6476 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood.