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  1. Allegro maestoso

From the recording Allegro maestoso

Suite #3 in A minor for guitar solo
The Guitar Suite in A minor is cast in the traditional fast-slow-fast three movement format associated with Baroque concerti. The first movement, marked with a tempo indication Allegro maestoso is based on an Aeolian motive which shifts metrically between 4/4 and ¾ time, and features not one, but two solo cadenzas. The second movement, given with the tempo marked Moderately, is a graceful Renaissance dance in ¾ time with some rather unusual harmonic variations. The third movement, marked Moderately fast, is an expository juxtaposition of two main themes which are intertwined in a dialogue incorporating rhythms more commonly associated with Rock music of the 1960’s. The overall harmonic language has a modal rather than tonal feel and gives the piece a curiously modern sounding character within the context of the antique formal structure. 
A transcription of this concerto for guitar and strings has been performed by the composer as soloist leading the orchestra.
The four suites for solo guitar were recorded by the composer in a series of sessions engineered by Phillippe Aubuchon in the Spring and Summer of 2009 and were released on-line in 2010.