From the recording II - Adagio con moto

Concerto for Violin & Violoncello - 2007
The Concerto for Violin & Violoncello, composed in the Fall of 2007, is conceived in terms of an unassuming practicality, and should be played in a straightforward manner. The concerto is patterned in the traditional fast-slow-fast three-movement form. The opening movement, Allegro assai unpocopesante borrows the theme from Mountaineer in Act I of the opera Luke and Sarah. Following an introductory tutti section, the violin and ‘cello are set in a dialogue that is not in opposition but rather complementary in a unified texture that unfolds through the exposition. A contrastingly lyrical second theme, introduced by a sequence of seven tranquil chords in the orchestra, is answered by the solo parts and gradually builds up until it cascades over an harmonic arch that returns sequentially to the recapitulation. After a duo-cadenza, the movement concludes with a statement of the main theme that dissipates unresolved into the sub-mediant key.The second movement, Adagio con moto, is a baroque-style interlude in which the duet passages are framed by orchestral ritornelli. A duo-cadenza provides a transition from the second movement to the finale, marked Allegrovivace. This final movement is a sonata-rondo in which the main theme is given different melodic variations and permutations as the sequence develops. The overall character of the movement is one of comparative lightness and delicacy, ending with appropriate simplicity on a dominant-tonic resolution in the higher register.