Concerto in G major for Violin and Orchestra (Grand Solo)
Composed in 1979, the Concerto in G major is cast in one long movement and is written in strict classical style. The piece embodies elements of the composer’s favorite violin concerti, and one may discern reminiscences of the Italian school of playing as exemplified by Pugnani, Viotti, Tartini, Locatelli and others, but even so it remains a unique setting in the genre. The form is characterized by an opening orchestral passage based on the principal theme, subsequently taken up by the solo violin, leading into a lyrical subordinate theme in the dominant key. The sonata form unfolds in an unhurried sequence representing the best virtuoso style of the 18th century. The climax of the piece is reached in a final orchestral tutti that culminates in not one but two fully extended cadenzas. The piece was given its initial performance in 1993 by violinist Kirstin Fife in concert with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra with the composer conducting. 


This archival recording features violinist Kirstin Fife with James Domine conducting the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra.