From the recording Allegro strepitoso

The Piano Concerto #3 in A minor by James Domine is cast in the traditional three-movement sequence. The tempo of the first movement is Allegro maestoso ben marcato, and the opening theme is characterized by a sustained rhythmic ostinato that is elaborated with unresolved suspended 2nd and 4th harmonies. This is followed by a contrastingly lyrical passage that unfolds through a series of sequential gyrations. The development is a fantasia that employs improvisational techniques associated with rock music, and lends the piece a sense of freshness and spontaneity. The recapitulation returns to the athleticism of the principal theme, concluding in a powerful unresolved suspension that seems to ask an unanswered question.
This archival performance was recorded live in concert on November 26, 2011 at the Thousand Oaks Performing Arts Plaza with Rebecca Schauer, pianist with the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra conducted by the composer.