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  1. Introduction

From the recording Introduction

The Concerto #2 in D major is cast in four contrasting movements. The opening movement, Introduction begins with a ritornello that sets the tone for the piece. This is followed by a stately Renaissance style dance in ¾ time, followed by a restatement of the ritornello, this time leading to an episode that modulates to the relative minor key. This sequence unfolds melodiously through a variety of keys, arriving at a dominant cadence that forms a transition to a passage in the relative minor. This is followed by a kind of cadenza using artificial harmonics. This moment of peaceful tranquility is consummated by a final return of the ritornello, bring the movement to its conclusion.
The concerto is an arrangement of the Suite #2 for Guitar Solo and in 1985 was the vehicle for a music video entitled Mission Suite, produced for cable television directed by Alan Popkin and choreographed by Melody Stevenson.  This video was nominated for ACE and Emmy awards for local origin production. The concerto has been performed by the composer as soloist leading the orchestra, as well as by other guitarists.