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  1. I. Prelude

From the recording I. Prelude

The Flute Concerto composed in 2012, is cast in three contrasting movements. The first of these, Prelude: Animato constitutes a sonata form beginning with a rhythmic ostinato that leads directly to a melodic ritornello played by the solo flute that sets the tone for the piece. This is followed by a contrastingly lyrical section characterized by jazz-like harmonic overtones. A restatement of the ritornello follows, this time as a cadential episode that modulates sequentially to the codetta in the relative dominant major key. The development consists of a sequence that unfolds motivically through a variety of keys, arriving at length to the recapitulation consummated by a final return of the ritornello, bring the movement to its somewhat enigmatic conclusion.


The Flute Concerto received its inaugural performance in concert on November 23, 2013 at the Scherr Forum Theater in the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza featuring Katherine Marsh, flutist with the composer conducting the San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra.