From the recording Quintet: The Privy

As the curtain rises on Act II, we see that Pa McDaniels has stolen an outhouse from the railroad.  It is the only painted building in the county, and he is very proud of his acquisition, but Ma and Luke object, saying they believe he has committed a sin by stealing it. The Privy Quintet explores this moral dilemma with Pa saying that he only borrowed it, but Ma and Luke protest, saying that theft is wrong and that Pa should bring the outhouse back. The evil twins Asa and Ira take Pa's side of the argument, and the quintet concludes with Pa telling everyone to shut up and get ready for the hoe-down.


This archival recording of the Privy Quintet from Act II of Luke & Sarah is an electronic rendition without vocals. In the opera this quintet is sung by Pa and Ma McDaniels with Luke and the evil twins Asa and Ira.