From the recording Scene: Prayer Meeting

The Prayer Meeting hymn is sung by the mountain folk to bring salvation to the clans and a pint-or-two to the Preacher.  Unfortunately on these occasions the clans usually end up in a brawl, and this is no exception. Miss Dixie visits and drops a significant contribution in the collection plate.  The congregation is agog at the sight of a hundred-dollar bill and the Preacher is instantly in love. He absolves Miss Dixie of all her sins.  Dixie teases Luke as she leaves the chapel, unwittingly setting up a confrontation with Sarah.


This archival recording of the Prayer Meeting from Act I of Luke & Sarah features tenor J. Lee Graham as the Preacher with the Pierce Coillege Premiere Chorale and San Fernando Valley Symphony Orchestra conducted by James Domine. This scene of religious devotion eventually erupts into a brawl between the feuding McBeam and McDaniels clans.