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  1. Fantasy Woman

From the recording Fantasy Woman

Originally entitled “Iraqi Woman, this song is a Middle Eastern romance owing much to the atmosphere and allure of the Arabian Nights. The girl at the bar is seen through some enchanting dramatic process to take the character first of Salome, whose dance so enthralled King Herod that he rewarded her with John the Baptist’s head on a platter, then of Scheherazade, whose fantastic tales of magic and adventure held the Sultan’s interest for 1001 nights. In the end, the singer realizes that this lady of the night “never existed at all,” at least in that her true identity is left a mystery. Musically, the song is a bacchanal, and the finger-cymbals of belly dancers can be heard in the background. Exotic themes from Saint-Saens opera Samson and Delilah and James Domine’s ballet Legend of Taliesin can be discerned in the counterpoint, which is canonic in structure both in the vocal and instrumental parts. The whole spectacle is permeated with the perfumes of Araby. This song, along with Canoga-by-the-Sea was featured in the musical play Tomahawk.


Fantasy Woman
Fantasy woman, Queen of the Night!
Egyptian magic, the moon shining bright…
Beautiful lady alone at the bar,
May I sit beside you, won’t you tell me who you are?
“They call me Salome, I will dance for you.
Fantastic dreams of desire coming true!”
When I looked into her eyes she gave me a passing glance,
She whispered something in my ear then went into a dance.
I’ll tell you a secret, her name is Scheherazade.
Lifting her veil now reveals something slightly odd…
Frozen in silence, a feeling of bliss.
Taking my hand, what she said then was this:
“Come and stroke my magic lamp, I’ll be there by your side.
Let me take you for awhile on a magic carpet ride!”
When I looked upon her face she fell into a trance,
She whispered something in my ear, a story of romance.
Truly she never existed at all, no more
than the shadow that runs down the hall.
Only a dream fills the void of her space,
Ashes of destiny laid in her place.
Red and white like fire and ice describes the way she moved,
Hair as soft as heaven’s light above the sky of blue.
The sun arose above the trees as waves wash along the shore,
soft colors weave in harmony, she left me wanting more!
She whispered…she whispered something in my ear,
She left me wanting more!