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  1. Canoga-by-the-Sea

From the recording Canoga-by-the-Sea

This song is a composite of several old Polynesian standards arranged specially for a show called The Screaming Clams Go Hawaiian. The primordial version derives from a hula ballad entitled Noa Noa which was once known albeit not overly popular on the Luau circuit. It has overtones of Bali Hai and the Enchanted Tiki Room. The native language at the end is sung as remembered, and is not necessarily accurate. This song, along with Fantasy Woman was featured in the musical play Tomahawk.


Come to Canoga-by-the-Sea!
Where there  is nothing to trouble me,
where you can feel the summer breeze.
Down at Reseda-by-the-Bay,
now you have caused me great dismay!
Why can’t you calmly go away?
Far away, far away.
Please just go far away.