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  1. Come Visit

From the recording Come Visit

Come Visit is a true story. It describes a sordid scene of lewd anticipation by a stalker as he drinks at the bar. His nefarious intentions are never explicitly stated openly, but are implied in the drift of his discourse and demeanor, and are underscored by the relentless harmonic motion of the band. This is achieved by the juxtaposition of a diminished seventh tri-tone built upon C that ascends chromatically by a range of a minor third alternating with a repetitive E in the bass above which a Bb minor chord with attendant melodic figuration is superimposed. The whole effect is somewhat demented. It is a song full of subtext and ulterior motives that are never revealed.


Come Visit
Words and Music by Jimi Dee
I love you yes I do,
believe me ‘cause I do.
Love that’s really true,
believe me ‘cause I do.
Come visit! Come visit!
I love you for your mind,
I think about it all of the time.
Especially when I’m drinking wine.
I love you for your mind.
Come visit! Come visit!
Your girlfriends they don’t like me,
they always want to fight me.
‘Specially when I’m drinking, ‘specially when I’m drinking.
Your girlfriends they don’t like me.
Come visit! Come visit!