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  1. Last Call

From the recording Last Call

Last Call is a collection of verses reflecting episodes in transient romantic relationships that are recalled in no particular order while drinking at the bar. It is a musical rock-a-billy drama with roots in the Louisiana swamps. Just what is meant by the references to tattoos and false teeth is left to the listener’s imagination.


The Last Call
(Words and music by Jimi Dee)
Well, I’d like to say she done me wrong, but she didn’t do me at all…
just left me singin’ this sad, sad, song, waiting for the last call.
I did everything just right on time, but nothing seemed to change her,
every time her eyes met mine they failed to engage her.
Chorus: Can’t you feel the burning?
Don’t you feel the flame?
Say your mind is changing,
Say you feel the same!
There’s a hole up in my heart where you love it used to be...
when you left me here at Sneaky Pete’s, you took a part of me!
I got to make you understand, I just don’t care about your other man.
The way you make me feel inside, got to have you, got to make you mine!
(Chorus refrain)
I washed my face and changed my shirt, put on my new shoes,
but unimpressed by lack of dirt, she left me singin’ the blues.
I bought a new car and left my wife, put money up in the bank,
I wanted her to share my life but she threw it all in the tank.
(Chorus refrain)
Well now, love is real and love is true but I can’t seem to realize
that the blame’s on me for loving her, and lightning don’t strike twice.
Last night I had a wondrous dream, far too good to be true…
she looked so sweet and seemed so real, her eyes so clear and blue.
(Chorus refrain)
Aw, stand back!
Wind blows across the desert, and the boats far out at sea…
Your passion is my treasure, come sail away with me!
I’ll give you all of my money, give you all of my pay,
‘cause there’s no other woman can make me feel this way!
(Chorus refrain)
Come on baby, let’s see your tattoos!
Motorcycle is a’ roaring, tearing down the street…
Please don’t leave me here alone at Sneaky Pete!
Helicopter is a’ buzzing, flying through the air,
the way you treats me baby, you know it just ain’t fair!
(Chorus refrain)
Monday morning as I awoke I remembered Saturday night…
around here nothing ever changes, there ain’t no use to fight.
The sun arose high above the trees, as waves washed along the shore…
soft colors weave I harmony, she left me wanting more!
 (Final Chorus)
 Come on baby, take out your false teeth!