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  1. Police Man

From the recording Police Man

Police Man was written in response to the infamous LAPD Rampart scandals. The scene it depicts is one of vice and criminal activity. Evidence could be lost, discovered, planted or ignored as the situation may require. Sometimes people are arrested, beaten or shot. Rest assured that whatever happens, in the end all will be seen to be within departmental policy.


Police Man
Words and music by Jimi Dee, based on a true story.
Police Man, he’s your friend, he with you ‘til the end.
Police Man, he your friend, he with you!
A rock in my pocket, side arm at my side,
goin’ over to East L.A. gonna take a little ride
when Ossifer Perez he pull me aside.
He say “hands up on the car boy ‘n’ spread ‘m’ wide!”
(Chorus refrain)
“We knew you’d be over here, you think you pretty tough?
We’ll meet the Candy Man, just ’bout to find yo’ stuff!
Don’t matter where you hid it, don’t matter where you been,
’cause we goan find it, we goan run yo’ ass on in!”
(Chorus reprise)
“You say you ain’t done nothin’, and there ain’t nothin’ here, hm!
then wha the Candy Man he find this ounce behind yo’ ear?
Where you get that 8-ball?” I say “What you talkin’ about?”
“I’m talkin’ bout right under here, right under yo’ couch!”
 (Final chorus)