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  1. Curse of a Woman

From the recording Curse of a Woman


Curse of a Woman
He stifles his dry-bone cries,
Knows all that you say is lies girl,
Rolls over in his grave and sighs
For all you see he buys for you,
Ah, you know it's true!
And all he can do is lie and grieve,
Like a weaver who knows he can't weave,
Like a prisoner who can never leave,
Like water flows…
It's the curse of a woman he can't get rid of.
He got it from giving all his own love.
It's because of a woman,
well, that you might want to get stoned
She tells you that she loves you,
and then she leaves you on your own.
Well, I sure don't need love like that, baby;
I don't love you anymore.
But now she's down on the floor,
she cries and grieves, and she looks at me,
And to think that I gave her all my heart,
To think that I gave her, all!